author-imageReginald E. Walker is a teacher, life coach, and spiritual guide. He developed Mind Power, the first course of its kind offered at his alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania. He also created The Forerunners Training, a Self awareness program for college students, and Journey to Freedom, a personal growth and development program. He conducts Self rediscovery and self development workshops and seminars for domestic and international organizations. The guiding principle of RegE’s life work is, “The great spiritual task is not to change people but to help them change how they see themselves.” He lived with his family in Ghana, West Africa, and presently resides in his hometown,  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Gerri.

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“I met RegE Walker sometime in my freshman year at Lincoln University … in the Guidance Counseling Center.   I had found the person that not only seemingly “got me” but taught me that there was nothing to get.  Even now, more than twenty years later I can reach back into the recesses of my mind for some little nugget that I hadn’t realized I stored away until I pulled it out and used it.  A lot of who I have become is a result of who he is.”Dawn F., Engineer

“Reg is brilliant, spiritual, and compassionate.  He can take complex topics and translate them so that they are easily understood in pithy statements. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity.  Each statement is filled with rich, life-transforming, and enriching content.  I am proud to call him my friend and honored to have access to his unique and powerful gifts.  Reg is extraordinary with an emphasis on the “extra”.Vincent T., Speaker, Author, Coach, and Radio Host

“Doc, as I call him, helps you remember Spirit—whether you’ve forgotten it or think you never knew it—so you can get on with your life as you were meant to live it.  It’s tough love, but it’s the kind of love that lifts you higher.”Sam R., Astrologer

“We met in Dakar, Senegal, in 1999 … and my life would never be the same.  Reg’s style of teaching is unique.  Direct, yet compassionate.  Full of wisdom, yet tender.  Straight to the heart of the matter, yet graceful.  Reg is a life teacher and life healer.  He helped me see … there is much more of life than we can understand in our brains or our limiting beliefs.  Reg is walking and breathing wisdom.” Kevin K., Mental Health Therapist

“Reg, my teacher, my friend, forever present in my life.  My relationship with him was the beginning of my knowing in a way that I could name, the one-ness of life, the is-ness of things, the wholeness of consciousness—Spider Consciousness—he called it.  Sometimes I read from the insights … They have become spiritual practice for me—very much like meditation, prayer, and contemplation.”Carolyn S., University Administrator

“As you began to speak the ‘message of wellness,’ as I heard it, and internal empowerment, there was a moment that I could have wept.  I sensed a man pouring himself into others. You sir, are the Encourager for those on the Path of Integrity and Truth.” Kisker S., Secretary, NASA Lewis Research Center

“I’ve been privy to the oxymoronic verses of this homemade poet for many years, and he’s never ceased to amaze me.  He is one of my wisdom teachers.  He has led me safely through many of my own life experiences.  Without intruding he has guided me, in his own benign way to seek the answers I’m searching for.  I relish the wit and humor that he brings to this planet to share with us all.”Sheila P., Minister

“You were the first to take my hand and say, ‘The journey begins with you. You, alone, are responsible for your life.’  You cut through the core of me and, though I bled, eventually I healed and grew.  You saw the gift, the divine within me when I had no self-love.  To call you my teacher is too limiting.  Even counselor places you in a box.  Your work is to get at the core of someone’s being and bring forth that inherent beauty, yes you are truly the diamond cutter.”Victoria C., Educator