spa-regewalker-front-coverLife Is Funny but It Ain’t No Joke recounts the spiritual journey of the author, who forgets his divine identity and then mistakenly identifies with his mind as himself and experiences the dire consequences that inevitably follow. The author then takes you along with him as he courageously undertakes the “hero’s journey.” His awakening allows him to reclaim his true identity, his authentic life, and to share more than 125 striking, original wisdom sayings from his venture within. These pearls of wisdom are designed to help free you from the prison of your mind and its surrogate, the ego, so you can begin living the life you were born to live.


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Praise for Life is Funny but it Ain’t No Joke

In a world where many of us yearn to heal and reconnect with our true selves, this book is a gift to help us discover who we truly are. It will help us return home.

Christina Robertson, Ph.D.
Career Consultant and Author, A Woman’s Guide to Divorce and Decision Making


The much anticipated Life is Funny but it Ain’t No Joke gives the reader a snapshot of the author’s path to enlightenment. In his down-to-earth manner, he artfully blends humor and sobering pearls of wisdom, much to the reader’s delight.

Ponzi Watson, Jr.
Chairman, Renaissance Management Group, Inc.
Advisory, Finance and Infrastructure Development


This book is an invitation to embark on the “hero’s journey” … but RegE lovingly warns that sometimes “going sane in an insane world feels like going crazy.”

Christine Beardmore, Doctor of Divinity
Psychotherapist and Life Coach; President, The Inspired Life, LLC
Author, The Inspiration Garden: Simple Ways to Grow a Good Life


Mr. Walker’s spiritual journey and the resultant wisdom sayings should uplift humanity.

Lin Trower
Social Commentator


RegE makes a colorful case for the challenges and rewards of personal self-discovery. I found his life journey illuminating and his wisdom sayings awe-inspiring.… It was like a gentle smack on the head to help me remember who I am and why I am here.

Helen Richardson, Ed.D.
Career and HR Coaching/Consulting/Training


RegE’s transformative offering Life is Funny but it Ain’t No Joke … invites … gentle “wake ups” … Like all addicts, we resist this healing journey, fearing that there may not be life after the death and pain of releasing all that we have previously believed about the world and who we have believed we were in it.

Thomas A. Gordon, Ph.D.
Psychologist and Leadership Coach, Thomas A. Gordon and Associates
Leadership solutions, change strategy, and performance navigation


As a timely collection of his sayings and stories, Life is Funny but it Ain’t No Joke is a lighthouse, a North star, a set of guideposts to help us along life’s most important mission: our spiritual journey.

Toussaint Losier, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Afro-American Studies, University of Massachusetts at Amherst


RegE’s own life experience, coupled with his courage to awaken, led him to this treasure trove of gems that appears before you. The “Wisdom Sayings” are pure Gold.

Rev. Sheila E. Pierce
Founding Senior Minister, The Center of Peace, Centers for Spiritual Living